Train for Chaos

Over the years I have received mixed feedback about the Human Evolution Laboratory motto “Train for Chaos”. Whether the feedback has been positive or negative, there is a misunderstanding or misrepresentation of what the motto really stands for. Maybe it’s the skull, maybe it’s the word ‘Chaos’. I’m not really sure what people think when they see the emblem and here the motto, so let me explain.

As human beings, we thrive when times are good or easy but when things get difficult we tend to back-off, run away, or avoid the uncomfortable situation. In harder times, our ability to thrive changes to an effort of mere survival – just to make it through until things get better or easier. This behavior is evident in our work, our relationships, our minds, and even in our physical training. Every time we are faced with a difficult moment, human beings have a choice to attack (meet the problem, find a solution, move forward, grow as an individual) or retreat (quit, give up, procrastinate, move away or avoid, get stuck in a rut of confusion, anxiety, and depression).

To Train for Chaos means to be able to thrive in any environment life presents to you, no matter the obstacle. It doesn’t literally mean going into battle or waging a war (although if your occupation is military combatant, it could). But figuratively, it means going into battle against the things that you’re afraid of. It means meeting challenges head-on and defeating them. It means taking control of those negative emotions that are telling you that you can’t do something or that you’re too weak to finish or that it’s everybody else’s fault – and turning them into positive emotions of greatness and power and responsibility.

I’ve heard the slogan “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”. I like that one too – it’s very similar to our Train for Chaos. The difference is empowerment. When you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable, you get used to being ‘in the suck’ and can deal with it. When you Train for Chaos, when the discomfort comes into your life you battle back. Forged with fortitude and tenacity, you become the sharpest blade wielded by the strongest arm ready to cut through difficult moments with a single motion. Rather than settle into the discomfort, you move through it and come out stronger on the other side.

The Human Evolution Laboratory Team is full of kind, generous, funny, benevolent, morally upright people. We will smile at you, greet you, and treat you as one of our own. But do not mistake kindness for weakness. Inside each of us is a warrior whose soul is possessed with the determination and ability to make bad situations into good, to turn negativity into positivity, and adjust chaos back into order. Perception is everything.

“I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.” – William Earnest Henley

2 thoughts on “Train for Chaos

  1. “Train for chaos” I like that. I can tell the meaning when I first saw it as your motto and perception of life is the same I follow. But I can see how others who don’t would question the meaning. It is a fight or flight mentality and agree when you face hurdles head on, you not only overcome them but you come out stronger! Amen!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!

      You’re right about the fight or flight mentality. Not every is the same and, due to a life of conditioning, some people see the skull and hear the Chaos and get all anxious and afraid. But for people like you and me and all of my followers and teammates, it’s just a good motto to live by so when things get tough you remember your training and everything works out for the better. 

      I’m glad you liked the information!

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