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There is a lot of stuff out there. Let me be clear, there is a lot of JUNK out there. I am a minimalist at heart. For a year of my life I lived homeless is the wilderness near Fresno, California. It was awesome. More recently, I backpacked around Southeast Asia – everything I needed was a small 48-hour backpack. Not a huge camping backpack. I’m talking about the same kind of backpack we used to use in high school. My philosophy is “if you don’t NEED it, don’t OWN it.”

Almost 9 Million Fitness Products Online

However, there is some really great stuff out there too. When you Train for Chaos, there is even some stuff you can’t do without. My review page is going to separate the good from the bad and let you decide if there is a product or service that will help you grow as an individual.

A quick Google search will show that there are almost 9 MILLION fitness related products. And that’s just physical fitness related products – that’s not including fitness services and other accessories not related to fitness but could come in handy for adventures like a sturdy backpack or a good set of boots.

I am going to pick and choose which items I review for you, but if you have a product or a service you’d like me to try and review please let me know in the comments. It would take me a long time to get to 9 million reviews….

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