HEL Teamwork and Training Model

The Human Evolution Laboratory Teamwork and Training Model (HEL TTM) is a system that focuses on training the individual with achievement, camaraderie, and community. As each athlete defines and trains towards their individual goals, they are also imbued with general physical preparedness and each achievement they make on the road to their goals aids their overall team accomplishments. Each athlete can earn rewards by passing a Level phase, moving to the next Level, reaching their personal goals, or earning commendation awards.

Here’s how it works:

Each new athlete is placed in a foundational training program where they will learn the basics of functional movements, nutrition, and fitness education. At the end of the foundation training, the athlete is given a performance test and goals consultation. The performance test includes the basic minimum standards for high intensity training and incorporates everything the athlete is taught during the foundations course. The goals consultation is a one-on-one discussion between the athlete and the coach to define the personal goals of each team member.

Once these two administrative requirements are met, the athlete is moved to the first training level, known as Green Team. During Green Team training, the new team member will continue to develop their general physical preparedness while focusing on their personal goals. There are three performance phases to Green Team, each phase building on the athlete’s foundation for functional fitness.

Graduation from Green Team

After completing all three phases of Green Team, the athlete is moved to their Active Team and congratulated with the Level 1 achievement award. This is not the end of the journey! Each performance level has three phases the athlete can pass as they work their way up to the next level. As they complete each phase, they are rewarded for their accomplishments and their team is recognized. As each athlete attains one of their personal goals, they are rewarded and their team is recognized. Once the athlete is training with their Active Team, they can aid their team ranking by accomplishing personal goals and passing through each phase of the higher levels and ‘leveling up’.

Commendation Awards

In addition to developing general physical preparedness by passing through the phases of each level and reaching personal goals, each athlete can also earn commendation awards for singular achievements. There are dozens of commendation awards that an athlete can earn, for the full list click here. All commendation awards are presented to the athlete at awards ceremonies along with the athletes who pass phases and accomplish personal goals. Commendation awards are another way an individual athlete can earn recognition for their team and aid in their personal development.

Award Ceremonies

At the end of each month, an award ceremony is held to recognize the athletes that have contributed to their team development through personal achievements. The award ceremony is where the athlete is given their reward in front of their team and the entire community. The goal of the award ceremony is for the entire community to gather together as a team, hang out and get to know the athletes that are on other teams, and award the individuals who made advanced in their personal development in the previous month.