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Mental Health

The brain is the most powerful tool you have. Your thoughts are directly responsible for what you feel and how you act. Thoughts are a choice. Every emotion you have comes from a thought; it is an electro-chemical process in your brain. Every result you have ever received from life came from thought. Mental health is the most important thing you can have and mind management is the most important education you can get.

Physical Health

The body is the ALIVENESS of Life. The body feels and acts from an input/output stream of data between the world around us and the mind. Emotions are felt in the body and generate an action or inaction. The body is the machine that we use to create our world. A pathology in the body will affect the experience marginally or significantly. Fitness will enhance the affect of experience, marginally or significantly, generally or specifically.

Interpersonal Health

Our life is made up of relationships. We cannot be a part of this experience without being in relation to it; this includes people, the past, and the world around us. Everything around us is there because our actions created it to be there. Your life is meant to be joyous and serve your experience. Interpersonal health is understanding what you can control and cannot control with other people and things.

Life does not happen to you. Everything in your life is a direct result of your actions or inactions. 

All action is in response to your emotions, the feeling you get in your body. We act based on the way we feel.

Feelings are linked to our thoughts. This is a chemical process that occurs in the brain. Your thoughts create your feelings and emotions.

Once you learn to be aware of your thoughts you regain your power over your emotions. Your thoughts are not in control, YOU ARE. 

Mind Management

Recognize the World Around You is Neutral

The first step is to recognize and understand that the world around you is a canvas, a blank state that is open to your creative process. There are no problems in the world, the world is as it is.

Become Aware of Your Thoughts & Beliefs

Once you are aware that the world is neutral and all judgment comes from your thoughts, the next step is to listen to your thoughts. When you can hear your thoughts, your mind starts to supervise itself.

Choose and Create the Thoughts that Serve You

When you are aware of your thoughts and observe them with compassion, then you can begin to create and choose the thoughts that serve you and empower you to live the life you've always wanted. 

Take Massive Action to Fulfill Your Dreams

Empowering thoughts will create the emotions that lead to action. The greater the emotion, the bigger the action. The final step to living your dreams is taking massive action to turn your thoughts into your reality. 

Kevin Aillaud

Hey there! I'm Kevin and I am the guy behind Human Evolution Laboratory. My background and education is in psychology, philosophy, nutrition and fitness, neuroscience, and social models. I created Human Evolution Laboratory to help people live the life they were meant to - consciously and deliberately. I believe our purpose is to evolve into the best version of ourselves. We only get one life - this is it ladies and gentlemen, so make it the best you can and exactly what you want! Don't let go of your dreams, fulfill them.

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